How To : Measure For Draperies

How To : Measure For Draperies

It is not as hard as you think! Just follow these steps and input the information when calculating your drape price.

  • Measure or estimate the length of the ROD that your drapes will hang on – measure in INCHES.
  • Divide this ROD length by 24. The answer will be the number of 24” WIDE PANELS you require for this ROD length
  • Divide this number by 2 if you require a left and right and ROUND UP the the next DIGIT [1,2,3,4 etc]
  • We will stitch the widths together to make a left, right or single PANEL.
  • For Example 108” long ROD divide by 24 = 4.5 WIDTHS. |—-| 4.5 WIDTHS divided by 2 = 2.25 |—-| Round 2.25 UP to 3 Therefore you need 3 widths per side or 6 widths if you require a single panel.
  • How to measure LENGTH :-
  • Rod Pocket Drapes and Grommet Style Drapery -Measure from TOP of ROD to floor [ Drapes will pull up 1- 1.5 inches when drawn
  • How to measure LENGTH : All Pleated Drapery Styles- Measure from TOP of ROD to floor [ Drapes will pull up 1- 1.5 inches when drawn.IF YOU NEED HARDWARE CLICK HERE TO SEE THE RODS, RINGS, FINIALS and BRACKETS and we carry STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE


…More indepth measurement information and terminology

When Hardware Exists

A) Width – Measure across the front (face) of the installed rod from tip to tip. This measurement is called the rod width and is always expressed first. Allow for the overlap at the center of the drapery and the material that wraps around the ends or brackets that return to the wall.

B) Height – To determine the height of the drapery, measure the distance from the top of the rod to 1” above the floor for floor length draperies. Measure from the top of the rod to 4 inches below the window sill for apron length draperies. This measurement is the drapery length and is always expressed second.

C) Pairs/Panel – Next, take note of whether the drapery is to be a panel (one way draw, opens from one side) or a pair (two way draw, opens in the middle). Also note if the panel or pair will be stationary.

When Hardware Does Not Exist

A) Window Casing – If hardware does not exist, simply measure the window casing. The casing should be measured from side to side and top to bottom. Allowances should be specified if there are prominent window casing moldings that will affect the standard placement of the rod.

B) Standard Placement – Standard placement is calculated on the basis that the ends of the rod should normally extend 3 inches on each side of the window opening and 4 inches above it. Such a rod installation would be firmly anchored into the wood of the window framing.

Length Measuring Tips

Here are a few tips to consider before finalizing your length:

  • choose a finished length that is long enough so that they may be installed as high above the window/door as you are comfortable with. this will give you a more dramatic finished look and help enhance your ceiling height.
  • consider a small ”puddle” on your draperies. we are using some of the most luxurious soft fabrics available today and our years of experience have taught us that a small ”puddle” or”break” of anywhere from 2-6” always enhances the finished look. simply add the desired puddle amount into your measurement
  • draperies that will be opening and closing frequently should be ordered to be approx 1/2” off the floor.
  • when measuring for shorter drapes that will not go all the way to the floor we recommend ending the drapery 5”-6” below the window sill.

Please bear in mind that we use the finest materials available to create your custom draperies. As with all fabrics made of natural fibers there may be slight changes in length due to a number of variables including but not limited to: humidity, temperature and moisture. this should be considered normal.


Measure the width of the area you would like to cover. We recommend whenever possible to extend out from the edges of your windows or doors as much as 6”-12” on each side. This will not only make the area look larger but can also help maintain as much natural light as possible.

It is not as hard as you think! Just follow these steps and input the information when calculating your drape price.

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